Micro-Insurance (Livestock Insurance)

Livestock insurance, Cattle (Dairy cows, beef, breeding stock, heifers and calves above 90 days) sheep and goats. Dairy farming is a risky and unpredictable business. From the ups and downs of the market to the potential for disease, accidents on the farm and natural disasters, farmers have to have some risk management tools to protect their huge investments. We have partnered CIC General and, we have designed a product more inclusive answering better to the farmer’s needs. The product covers death as a result of accidental deaths in the farm, deaths as a result of uncontrollable diseases including epidemic diseases, complications during calving and emergency slaughter following a veterinary surgeons advice. Please see below for more information. Some of the differentiating characteristics of the product include extension to cover death as a result of milk fever, downers syndrome, hardware condition, tick borne diseases and clinical mastitis for liability to up to 50% of the sum insured. We are also extending the age limit of cover from eight (8) years to ten (10) years.

Scope of Cover

Death or emergency slaughter of the insured animal arising out of:

– Accidents – falling on the shed or gorge, electrocution;

– Fire, resulting smoke and lightening, earthquakes;

– Floods, drowning, windstorm, landslides;

– Calving down complications;

– Snake bites poisoning, frog poisoning or allergic reaction from venomous insects;

– Epidemic diseases including the following: foot and mouth, anthrax, lumpy skin, black quarter / black leg,       rift valley fever, rabies;

– Emergency slaughter upon advice by a registered vet or animal health practitioner;

– Theft – with a report from area chief, police abstract and proof of forceful entry/exit from premises;

– Acute pneumonia;

– Diseases of terminal nature contracted during the period of insurance Chronic cancer, clinical mastitis.

Other extension: The insurer will indemnify the lost animal to 50% for the following conditions; milk fever, downers syndrome, hardware conditions and clinical mastitis

– Excess: 10% each and every loss minimum Ksh 10,000.

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