Group Life Insurance

Group life insurance is a life insurance which a single contract covers or extends to group of people. As an employer, it is important to provide a good insurance cover for your employees. Different Underwriters have developed innovative Group Life Insurance solutions which are ideal for corporates, parastatals, government agencies, SMEs, Saccos, education institutions and religious bodies with the following features and benefits:

To Employers?

Financial certainty since risks has been transferred to insurer.

Boosts employee morale and increases job satisfaction and motivation.

Enhances staff retention to an employer

Attracts good talent due to the improved benefits.

To Members

Members can carry on their day today duties with knowledge that their beneficiaries will be well taken care of incase their untimely death.

The member can access the funds to pay for medical expenses for some critical conditions.

The dependents can access funds to pay school fees and education related expenses in event of untimely death of the employee.

The family of the deceased member can also use funds in the policy to clear loans, pay deposits for car, house etc.

A member can also use the funds to purchase mobility aids such as wheel chairs, artificial limbs etc. in case of disability.

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