Motor Insurance

Unlike other properties where having insurance is an option, the law requires you to insure your car. Motor insurance protects you and other motorists—it goes beyond the value you attach to your life and property.

Motor insurance covers medical expenses, repair costs, third-party penalties, and even the loss of your car.

Your car is a high-value asset, legal requirement or not, motor insurance is a safety net, a necessity. Motor insurance covers you from huge expenses that would otherwise drain your bank account, put your business to its deathbed, or jeopardize your life pursuits.

As you drive your vehicle, you need to know that you are shielded in case anything happens to you. Better yet, you need to know that your car will be well maintained in the event that something happens while driving. Our motor insurance cover helps you protect you and your vehicle. How do we ensure your safety and your vehicle’s maintenance? We provide you with financial protection against physical/bodily injury resulting from ownership and/or use of motor vehicles and against liability that could arise from their use. Our motor insurance cover can be used to protect both private and commercial vehicles. What does our cover entail?.

Motor insurance covers medical expenses, repair costs, third-party penalties, and even the loss of your car.

Areas of Motor Insurance

a) Private Motor

Motor Private Insurance policy insures your car against losses that may arise from road accidents, theft, and fire damage. The cover also meets your legal obligations should a third-party be involved.

b) Motor Commercial

The transport industry is in a fast-paced business ecosystem. Getting a road accident or a fire tragedy can oust you off the game. We offer an effortless claim procedure — transparent and efficient. Within no time, your matter is resolved, and you’re back in business.

c) Commercial PSV

Commercial PSV policy puts into consideration the unique insurance needs of public transport. Unlike other commercial vehicles, the PSVs operate in a rugged, obscure environment. Just getting pulled over for an expired policy can cost you a lot. It helps to find an insurance provider who understands the industry; its ethos, regulations, and gaps. Our insurance packages are designed to protect you and your property for health and business longevity.

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